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The Gift of a Fishing Charter for Father's Day

What have you done for Dad lately? Seriously. After all, your father probably did things like this for you:

  • Taught you how to ride a bike.

  • Showed you how to really throw a curve ball.

  • Paid all or part of your college education.

  • Bought you your first beer.

  • Went to every single soccer game you ever played. Every. Single. One.

  • Helped you with your homework. Night after night, year after year.

  • Smiled with such glee when you told him you were getting married, you thought his face would pop.

  • Changed your sonís diapers without making one face. Not a one.

And so, we ask again: What have you done for your father lately?

We thought so.

With Fatherís Day coming up, may we suggest you treat the man who made you who you are today with something a ďtadĒ better than a silk tie or brunch at the club?

How about a day on the waters off Cape Cod doing some big fish sport fishing.

Think about. You and your Dad. The two of you on the deck, reels over the side, drinking the libation of your choice, enjoying the sun and clear sky above, talking about old times and -- when that striped bass, tuna or even shark bites -- creating some wonderful new memories as the two of you work together to reel that big fella in.

Imagine this. You and Dad are on one of Big Fish II Sportfishing Chartersí tuna charters. As we head out to Stellwagen Bank or Cape Cod Bay, donít be surprised if we come across a school of tuna as they are hunting their own prey. Blue Fin Tuna have a hankering for mackerel, gar and herring. They swim close to the surface as they chase their meals, the tunaís beautiful dorsal fin possibly gleaming from a sunbeam hitting it as they swoosh by.

Give your dad a gift certificate for some shark fishing. Shark ďseasonĒ is July through October, depending on what kind Dad is after. Makos abound July through October, so if Dad canít go fishing until later this summer or early this fall, heís still in luck. If your fathers prefers starting his fishing season in the spring, we have terrific cod fishing charters beginning in March

No matter what kind of fishing your father enjoys -- striped bass, bluefish, haddock and cod, in addition to the tuna and shark fishing -- weíll make his Big Fish Charter experience heíll remember for years to come. We have three different fishing vessels, ranging from 30-38 feet in length. If you want to take a big group along for Dadís big day, we have up to 10 six-foot boats available for charter -- enough that you can take your Dadís closest 60 friends along for the day.

Want to make Fatherís Day last several days? Check out our ďCod Lodge.Ē We can accommodate up to 12 people in wonderful accommodations located near Green Harbor. Our rooms come equipped with full kitchens, TV and VCR, and -- especially nifty for fishermen -- a great library of hunting and fishing tapes.

Contact us today to help make this Fatherís Day your dadís best ever. Give him this gift and we can practically guarantee heíll forget all the ugly ties youíve given him over the years.


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