Massachusetts Fishing Trip

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Massachusetts Fishing For Shark, Bass & Cod

Our most popular Massachusetts Fishing Trip is the Combination trip.

Combination Trips

SPECIAL - $1380.00 
($230.00 each for 6 people)

Types of Combination Trips

  • 1/2 day *Tuna - 1/2 day Shark

  • 1/2 day Cod - 1/2 day Bass & Blues

  • 1/2 day *Tuna - 1/2 day Bass & Blues 

  • 1/2 day *Tuna - 1/2 day Cod

  • 1/2 day Shark - 1/2 day Cod

  • 1/2 day Shark - 1/2 day Bass & Blues

* Tuna Trips can be for giant tuna or school tuna.

Catch from a day of ocean fishing

Our Massachusetts fishing trips are very popular - especially the combination trips. The above mentioned trips are 10-11 hour trips. Try for a monster then go for fast action! The best time for your Massachusetts fishing trip is July, August, September & October - for any combination.


Our most popular combination trip is 1/2 day Cod + 1/2 day tuna (either giant blue fin tuna or school tuna). Best time for these deep sea fishing trips is July, August, September and October. Cod fishing puts lots of Cod, Pollack, Haddock and Wolffish fillets in your cooler to eat and then you try for the monster tuna. Many are successful. Combining 1/2 day shark and 1/2 day cod or 1/2 day shark and 1/2 day striped bass + bluefish is also very popular and usually provides plenty of action of the coast of Massachusetts.

Successful ocean fishing excursion group poses with fish they caught 


For those who want lots of meat for the freezer 1/2 day cod + 1/2 day striped bass + bluefish takes care of your needs. Big game hunters like 1/2 day tuna and 1/2 day shark to pursue their life long dreams. Whichever combination trip you pick to fish here in Massachusetts you will have plenty of fishing action and a great time.

fish and fishermen on boat  man with prized shark he caught

fishing group with catch