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SPECIAL - $1,680.00 for up to 6 people 
($280.00 each for 6 people)

Interested in going tuna fishing off of Cape Cod? Let Big Fish Charters take you and your group out on Stellwagen Bank for a day of fishing for some big (and delicious) blue fin tuna.

As specialists Tuna Fishing on the Stellwagen Bankin Blue Fin Tuna fishing with the "hottest," most consistent success record over the past 25 years of any other sport fishing charter boat in our area (take a look at our recent tuna fish photos), Big Fish Charters whole heartedly encourages you to fully investigate us and any other charter boat you are considering. We know you will hear about our excellent reputation on hooking-up and catching these magnificent fish. Capt. Tom DePersia has over 50 years experience in tuna fishing and has won many Tuna Tournaments in our area.

1/3 OF SALE PROCEEDS RETURNED TO CUSTOMERS: As with all tuna fishing charters in this area, giant tuna (over 73") belong to the boat. However, 6 ft+ tuna fish catch from off the Capewith the "Big Fish II" 1/3 of the money from the sale of the tuna is returned to you. Prices can vary on each fish depending on the amount of fat in the meat (The more the better), size, color, shape, oil in the meat, the position of Japanese yen to dollar and the supply and demand (number of other giant tuna caught that day). We have sold Blue fin Tuna for as much as $21,000 for one fish!! You get 1/3 of proceeds. We provide only top-notch tackle for Giant Tuna -- up to 6 top-quality tuna outfits are provided for your charter -- all 130 LBS. CLASS REELS on 130 lb. BENT BUTT RODS. Most other boats only provide 2 or 3 rods and your party must take turns waiting for a strike. We double your chances for a hookup and fish.

Most of our tuna fishing trips are done on Stellwagen Bank and Cape Cod Bay. This has been the hottest place for giant blue fins in the world for the last 30 years or more. Our blue fin tuna average 300 - 900 pounds with many over 1000 pounds . The current all tackle US record for giant tuna is 1228 pounds and was caught in our area.

Tuna fishing charters

Our largest Tuna in the last few years was 1,080lbs. but most were 300 to over 900 lbs.  Best time for giant tuna fish is July, August, September, October and November. Experience is not necessary and we have had complete novices catch 1,000 lb. plus fish the first time. The average fight is about 2 hours per fish but the fight has ranged from 9 minutes to 8 1/2 hours. Book now for an unforgettable tuna fishing experience!



School blue fin tuna SCHOOL TUNA TRIPS
School Blue fin Tuna (under 73") may be caught and kept by charter customers but cannot be sold. Most customers have the fish cut to steaks to bring home and freeze (Great on the grill).

Last year most school tuna ranged from 50lbs. to 250lbs. Limits on school tuna are regulated by the National Marine Fisheries Service, and vary depending on how much of the quota has been caught.

School tuna catch off the CapeBest time catching school tuna is late June, July, August, September, October and November. We catch school tuna trolling, chunking, live-bait fishing or sometimes on heavy spinning tackle casting lures at them. Most fish are caught on stand-up 50lb. outfits. Fights range from 10 minutes to several hours. You can choose to fish for both Giant Tuna and School Tuna at the same time but you cannot bring both to port on the same trip.

Your best chances to boat tuna is on a full day trip, however many customers want to fish for the monster and want fillets to bring home also so they try a "Combination Trip" - 1/2 day tuna and 1/2 day cod/haddock or 1/2 day tuna + 1/2 day bass and blues.

Whether you try giants or school tuna either one will get your adrenalin flowing and put you on an excitement high like you have never experienced. Book now for best dates!

Interested in shark fishing charters? Or, do you have a love for cod & haddock fishing? If so, then contact us for the ultimate Cape Cod fishing experience!

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