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SUMMER SPECIAL - Was $1800 NOW $1680
for up to 6 people ($280 per person for 6 people)
for 10-11 hour Offshore trips.

Cod Fishing on the Stellwagen Bank in MassachusettsFor a spectacular cod and haddock fishing trip, Stellwagen Bank in Massachusetts and other nearby waters, have proven consistently successful. Our customers have caught Cod to 79 lbs., Pollack to 44lbs., and Halibut to 229 lbs., Our Haddock fishing trips have been "Outstanding", allowing our customers to bring home many pounds of fantastic eating white-meat fillets to there families. In the last 50 years, Bigfish Charters has fished "Stellwagen Bank" more than any other charter company from anywhere.

Our "Stellwagen Bank" Cod and Haddock Fishing Charters are 10-11 hour trips dock-to-dock. The boat ride is normally about 1 to 1 1/2 hours each way, leaving about 7-8 hours fishing time. We usually leave the dock at 5:00 am and return after 3:00 pm.

Cod Fishing Charters from Big Fish IIThe best time for Haddock is April to October. Last year, the best total poundage for Haddock was May, June and July. Action remained consistent for August thru October. Best time for Cod was September and October. Our Cod and Haddock trips allowed our customers to have great meals and also fill their freezers for the winter. Our Cod and Haddock trips typically catch a variety of excellent eating white-meat fish which could also include : Pollack, Halibut, Monkfish, Redfish, Cusk, Whiting and other fish. Book your Haddock and Cod trip today.

2 men amoung large amount of caught cod fish on boat 4 dads and kids on boat with large amount of caught cod fish Man sitting on boat desk with large amount of cod fish
catch from deep sea fishing cod and haddock fishing Cape Cod fishing charter prize
fishing Cape Code experience Huge day on Cape Cod fishing trip Cod fishing in the rain
Cape Cod fishing charters fishing Cape Cod for haddock and cod Multiple catches on deep sea fishing trip

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