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Mixed Party Trips on Stellwagen Bank
Cod/Haddock or Tuna or Shark Fishing

We have receive lots of inquiries from people who cannot find enough people to make up a full party but who really want to fish for Cod / Haddock or Tuna or Shark with Bigfish II Charters along Stellwagen Bank.

To accomodate you, we have established the "Mixed Party Trips" or "Shared Trips" where we will take the first 6 people per boat who call us and sign up for that dates. You may be alone or have two or more people who also want to make the trip to Stellwagen Bank for incredible deep sea fishing. You may choose only one day or fish two or more days in a row. All Mixed Party Trips are on weekdays only.

We will book cod/haddock and shark mixed party trips on Tuesdays. Mixed party trips for Tuna will be on Wednesday

*Full Charters are available 7 days a week.

If you or your friends want to fish with us along Stellwagen Bank on any of these dates, call us immediately to book. Let us know how many people you have for that date, and if you are among the first six people, we will have you send us the payment and you can begin planning for the trip.

The cost will be the same as if you were part of a six person charter: $1680 / 6 = $280 plus a 20% tip for the mate at $55. Total cost is $335 each person to be paid in advance. All tackle and bait is included in the price and the mate will assist you all day and clean (fillet or gut) your fish at the end of the trip. Payment must be in advance for all people and is refundable if the trip is canceled by the captain due to weather. 

This may be your best opportunity ever to fish fabulous "Stellwagen Bank" and fill your freezer with great eating Cod, Haddock, Pollack, Cusk, Redfish, Monkfish and Halibut or expeience the thrill of boating a 200lb School Tuna or a Giant Tuna or a Huge Shark!



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