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Restaurants: No restaurants are open in Marshfield before 6 a.m. Staying at our own Cod Lodge will enable you to cook your own breakfast.

Note: Avoid doughnuts, bacon or any greasy foods as they increase the likelihood of sickness for those prone to sea sickness. Consult your physician for preventative medicine if you are, or may be, prone to seasickness. It is better to be prepared.


Haddad's Ocean Cafe - Located in Brant Rock Center. Casual atmosphere, great food, low prices. Captain Tom's Favorite!

Blue Water - Located at the Green Harbor Marina. Excellent.

Ember - Located on Rt. 139 in Marshfield.

The Fieldston - Located on Rt. 139 across from Ocean Village Motor Inn. Gourmet food, excellent, somewhat pricy - but worth it.

The Lobster Tail - Located in Brant Rock Center. Relaxed atmosphere, good food, low prices.

Venus II - Located in Brant Rock Center: Pizza and sub cafe.

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